Original works in oil

Sheep Shadows Sheep Shadows
Violets Violets
Pat’s Thimble Pat’s Thimble
Blue Christmas Blue Christmas
Olney Sheep Olney Sheep
Green Tractor Green Tractor
Autumn Path, Brookside Autumn Path, Brookside
Lily Island Lily Island
Pears on Blue Pears on Blue
Mount Airy Greens Mount Airy Greens
Sunflower Path Sunflower Path
Smokehouse Smokehouse
Peach and Cherries Peach and Cherries
Perfect Peach Perfect Peach
Cantaloupe Cantaloupe
No Right Angles No Right Angles
Mount Airy Barn Mount Airy Barn
Eastern Shore Sunrise Eastern Shore Sunrise
Makemie Memorial Makemie Memorial
Weathered Weathered
Along the Way Home Along the Way Home
Cows Along Blackberry Lane Cows Along Blackberry Lane
Marsh at Sunrise Marsh at Sunrise
Spring Greens Spring Greens
Brookside Tulips Brookside Tulips
Sunflower Field Sunflower Field
Zinnia Fields Zinnia Fields
Thomas Farm, Monocacy Battlefield Thomas Farm, Monocacy Battlefield
Hawk Mill Farm, Middletown Hawk Mill Farm, Middletown
Wrapped in Green, Olney Maryland Wrapped in Green, Olney Maryland
Juicy Red, Olney, Maryland Juicy Red, Olney, Maryland
Suburban Night, Olney, Maryland Suburban Night, Olney, Maryland
Misty Morning Misty Morning
Riley’s Lock Riley’s Lock
Sitting Pretty, Kensington Sitting Pretty, Kensington
Alexandria Alexandria
Anne’s Barn Anne’s Barn
Stripes Stripes
Bethany Pond Bethany Pond
Sunrise on Chester River Sunrise on Chester River
Chesapeake Sunset Chesapeake Sunset
Gusts Over Eastern Neck Gusts Over Eastern Neck
Three’s a Crowd Three’s a Crowd
Blossoming Cherry, Kensington Blossoming Cherry, Kensington
Magnolia at National Cathedral Magnolia at National Cathedral
Mountain View Mountain View
Early Autumn Early Autumn
Pumpkin Top Pumpkin Top
Orange Plate Orange Plate
Brewing Brewing
Row Boat on the C&O Row Boat on the C&O
Rockville Pink Rockville Pink
Waterlilies Waterlilies
Good Directions Good Directions
1966 John Deere 1966 John Deere
Davis Creek Davis Creek
Watermelon 2 Watermelon 2
Patrice’s Pumpkin Patrice’s Pumpkin
Watermelon 1 Watermelon 1
Wood Shed, Jefferson, Maryland Wood Shed, Jefferson, Maryland
Afternoon Snack Afternoon Snack
Widow’s Walk Widow’s Walk
Spring Path Spring Path
Winds from the West Winds from the West
Bay Breezes Bay Breezes
Kent County Cow Kent County Cow
Winter Winds Winter Winds
Fiesta! Fiesta!
Fletcher’s Boat House Fletcher’s Boat House
Baking Day Baking Day
Spring Explosion Spring Explosion
Harpers Ferry Rooftops Harpers Ferry Rooftops
Kensington Porch Kensington Porch
C&O Towpath C&O Towpath
Sugarloaf Pond Sugarloaf Pond
Jantiques Jantiques
Beautiful Blue, Kensington Beautiful Blue, Kensington
Decisions, Decisions Decisions, Decisions
Brookside Pond Brookside Pond
Red Rocks on the Potomac Red Rocks on the Potomac
Orange Maple Orange Maple
Summertime Summertime
Fiesta Cake Fiesta Cake
Through the Gate, Brookeville Through the Gate, Brookeville
Loaded Loaded
Silver Spring Gold Silver Spring Gold
Please Pass the Sugar Please Pass the Sugar
Through the Woods Through the Woods
Red Velvet Red Velvet
September Tomatoes September Tomatoes
Cherry Red Cherry Red
Afternoon Light, Chestertown Afternoon Light, Chestertown
Tiki Bar Tiki Bar
Frosted Swirl Frosted Swirl
Frederick Cows Frederick Cows
Sweet and Sour Sweet and Sour
Air Dry Air Dry
Lady and Cedie Lady and Cedie
Yellow Barn Yellow Barn
Red-winged Blackbirds Red-winged Blackbirds
Rooster and Hens Rooster and Hens
Dreamsicle Dreamsicle
Lemon Yellow Lemon Yellow